December 16, 2017

VOA interview with Executive Director of NCPDA

This interview was originally conducted in Persian. It has been translated to English by NCPDA volunteers

Parichehr Farzaam (VOA): Thank you for joining us, please update us about the conclusion of your press conference in New York. This press conference has been held exactly three weeks after the UN condemnation of the Iranian Regime on the basis of human rights violation. What was the primary goal of this gathering?

Nasser Rashidi:
The purpose of this gathering was to update and inform organizations that deal with the issue of human rights about the executions, public hangings, and in general the violation of human rights. The information concluded in the report was documented based on the Iranian Regime’s media and publications. The regime’s broadcasting has announced seven cases of public executions, 11th of December. “Etemad” as well as “Kayhan” daily news have announced more cases of public hanging. These are cases that special UN representative must monitor and document.

VOA: Mr. Rashidi, have you informed the participants in the meeting about the above cases that happened between the 20th of November and December 17th.

Rashidi: yes, with the facts and specific documents, that were again disseminated from the regime’s own sources. The 16th of December Khorassan Daily News reported another case of an execution of a 24 year old. Another case was reported on the 14th of December by Shargh Daily News from Ahvaz.

Have you officially submitted the request from UN to assign a special representative or did you just announce it in your gathering?

Yes, we discussed the issue with the participants and also, we will officially submit the documents along with the request, to the United Nations. If the special UN representative is to be assigned again in Iran, the world will not hear of these grave news from the Iranian Regime.

In your opinion, is there any relationship between the UN condemnation and the assigning of the UN representative to Iran

No, due to the implementation of the appeasement policy by some of the European Countries in the past two years, there was no resolution submitted to the UN regarding the violation of human rights by the Iranian Regime. Therefore, no special representative was assigned. The oppression by the Iranian Regime is not limited with Iranian borders. As you may have heard, one of the Iranian refugees in Britain physically sewed his lips together as a form of protest. Another severe example is the latest resolution that has been issued by the Iraqi Governing Council, under the mullahs’ influence, pertaining to the extraditing the members of the Iranian opposition group to the Iranian Regime. That is how far the regime is willing to go in order to extend it’s oppression beyond the Iranian borders which is a crime against humanity.