January 20, 2018

To Prevent and Stop Violence, U.S. Iran Policy Must Consider Iranian People’s Democratic Aspirations



Washington, DC; August 23, 2017 – Numerous reports and U.S. officials’ comments suggest that a comprehensive review of U.S. policy towards Iran is underway. National Coalition of Pro-Democracy Advocates calls on President Donald Trump’s administration to treat Iranian regime with due deference to its deeds, not its words.

Over the past 4 decades, Iran has remained the number one state sponsor of global terrorism.  Iranian regime has helped proliferate and support fundamentalist Islamist ideology, commit acts of terrorism, and create carnage across the Middle East.  Within the country, Iranian authorities have continued the decades-long reign of terror against the Iranian people.  In 4 years, the newly re-selected Hassan Rouhani has overseen an expanding execution rate which rivals that of the early days of Iranian theocracy.

With a robust ballistic missile program, adventurism in Syria, Yemen and Iraq, Iranian regime remains the most dangerous threat to human civilization.  Yet, in fear of 80,000,000 disenchanted and abused populous, the Ayatollahs are very weak & susceptible. Against this backdrop, we call on the international community to hold Iranian authorities responsible for crimes they have committed against humanity – both in Iran & in Syria.

Additionally, we urge U.S. policymakers to support and recognize the Iranian people and their organized resistance for a free, democratic, and secular republic in Iran.