December 16, 2017

NCPDA Statement – May 31, 2006

NCPDA Statement
National Coalition of Pro-democracy Advocates
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May 31, 2006

Talk and Engagement will not change the Mullahs Disposition

In a news conference yesterday, Dr. Rice, the U.S. Secretary of State announced that the United States will
hold direct talks with the Mullahs if they fully and verifiably suspend all of their nuclear enrichment activities. Under the Mullahs rule, Iran is the number one state sponsor, and the epicenter of worldwide terrorism. They are also one of the major perpetrators of terror and crime against the Iraqi people. As far as the Iranian people are concerned, the regime ruling the Islamic Republic is responsible for the gross violations of their basic freedoms and rights. Suppression of women and college students in recent months, murder of at least 10 demonstrators in the organized protests of last May in Azerbaijan, as well as arrest of writers and intellectuals are all part of the Ahmadinejad-led intensified internal suppression.

It must be noted that the Iranian people and their organized secular and democratic voices of dissent were
the first to seek dialogue with the Mullahs. Such started a few days after the 1979 Iranian revolution and continued for the following 2 years (until June of 1980). The Iranian people were also among the first to realize that the Mullahs were not willing to appreciate freedom and democracy as well as the inherent importance of dialogue in the democratic process.

Unfortunately, as they continue to date, the fundamentalist ruling Iran chose to brutally oppress all secular voices of 1980 Iranian political landscape. The harsh reality of the past 27 years has proven that “a viper cannot give birth to a dove“. This regime will not and cannot be reformed.

In the international arena, eight years of Khatami’s reign invalidated the myth of moderation. The 3 years of EU-3 dialogue with the clerical regime have only served in providing Iran more time to pass the nuclear red line. Such policies have also emboldened the Iranian regime’s terrorism activities in the region, including Iraq.

The internal suppression is increasing and as a student blogger stated: “the suppression of women and students is only the beginning of the rein of Ahmadinejad’s era.”

That is why neither “indirect” nor “direct” dialogue; neither “dialogue in hiding” nor “direct negotiations” will dissuade the Mullahs from acquiring nuclear weapons. It will also be of no assistance in removing the threat they pose to the stability of Iraq.

Acquiring nuclear weapons is the anti-nationalist, and self preserving project of the ruling Mullahs. The
interference in Iraq and supporting the murder of innocent Iraqis is the means dictated by the Mullahs’
supreme leader.

A regime change in Iran is inevitable. The appeasement policies have to date, and any dialogue in the future will only grant the regime additional time to continue to secure their rule. This unfortunately will result in continued hardship for the Iranian people, and contribute negatively to peace and stability in the region as well as the rest of the world.

The National Coalition of Pro-Democracy Advocates believes that no dialogue with this fundamentalist and Islamo-fascist regime will result in improvement of human rights.