December 17, 2017

Eight reported killed as Iraqi forces attack Iranian residents of Camp Ashraf

29 July 2009
Eight people are reported to have been killed and up to 400 injured after Iraqi forces attacked
unarmed Iranian residents of Camp Ashraf, north of Baghdad, on Tuesday. Amnesty International
has called on the Iraqi government to investigate the apparent excessive use of force by its security
Hundreds of armed security forces used bulldozers to force […]

Iran Watch – March 4, 2008

[spoiler title=”Ahmadinejad’s Trip Condemned by the People of Iraq”]

National Coalition of Pro-Democracy Advocates
March 4, 2008
Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s visit was portrayed by our media and commentators as a victory for the Iranian regime. Iran’s mullahs wanted to use this trip in their propaganda war with the international community on the eve of a UN Security […]