December 18, 2017

So, Who Won the War in Iraq? Iran

Mohamad Bazzi, Adjunct Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies, CFR
August 30, 2010
BEIRUT, Lebanon — In February 2003, as he marshaled the United States for war, President George W. Bush declared: “A new regime in Iraq would serve as a dramatic and inspiring example of freedom for other nations in the region.”
Now, as the U.S. military […]

America, terrorists and Nelson Mandela

Jan 15, 2010
Bernd Debusmann
Woe betide the organization or individual who lands on America’s terrorist list. The consequences are dire and it’s easier to get on the list than off it even if you turn to peaceful politics. Just ask Nelson Mandela.
One of the great statesmen of our time, Mandela stayed on the American terrorist blacklist […]

Iran Watch – January 11, 2008

[spoiler title=”Iran Gulf Confrontation Message to Bush on Eve of Mideast Trip”]
By Alireza Jafarzadeh
Fox News
In a blatant display of belligerence and outright provocation, and on the eve of President George W. Bush’s trip to the region, the Tehran regime had five speed boats of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC) harass three U.S. Navy ships […]

Iran Watch – September 14, 2007

[spoiler title=”What General Petraeus Should Tell America”]
By Alireza Jafarzadeh
Today, Gen. David Petraeus, the top commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, joined by U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker, will appear before Congress to give his much anticipated assessment of the military/security situation in Iraq and the troop surge strategy.
Gen. Petraeus ought to tell the people of America […]