December 16, 2017

Iran: The Rise of the Revolutionary Guard and State-Sponsorship of Terror

Nasser Rashidi
A few years ago, the world was awakened to the dangers of the mullahs’ nuclear program by an opposition group. Since then,
faced with more recent regional events, international consciousness has come to better appreciate the extent of Iran’s
involvement in terrorist activities abroad, its nuclear ambitions, and its interference in Iraq, Lebanon and Israel-Palestine. It
was […]

Dr. H. Akbari Meeting Remarks as written – UN Plaza NYC

Dear Rabbi Zucker, distinguished Guests, dear Friends, progressive press members, ladies and gentlemen:
The Iranian people have been experiencing the oppression and terror of the Islamic republic of mullah’s right after its inception in 1979. They have not been able to practice their rights and choice to dress, speak, eat, drink, write, vote, pray, dance, love, […]