January 18, 2018

Mullahs Enrich Fundamentalism – An Interview with Mr. Nasser Rashidi

An Interview with Mr. Nasser Rashidi
Executive Director, NCPDA
April 30, 2006
Our colleague Mr. Abraham Beparva had an interview with Mr. Nasser Rashidi, the speaker for National Coalition of Pro-Democracy Advocates in Iran. He is familiar with threats of Islamic Fundamentalism and will elaborate on the topic. In this segment of our program we would like to […]

The Prospects for Human Rights in Post-Election Iran

Remarks at NCPDA Panel Discussion
Dr. Akbari, Mr. Rashidi, members of the press, and friends:
Salaam wa ’Khoshamadid!
Iran today is a country living a nightmare. Instead of moving forward into the light and extending the goodness and justice to its citizens that they deserve, the theocratic regime of Supreme Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khameni has retreated into darkness, […]