January 19, 2018

Green leverage over Iran

The Washington Post
By Michael Gerson
Wednesday, December 2, 2009
With a decision on Afghanistan, we will now see whether a reluctant president can persuade a reluctant Congress and inspire a reluctant nation to accept additional wartime sacrifice. But the administration must feel relieved. The mere act of choosing releases accumulated tension like shooting a bow, wherever the […]

Exile group claims Iran is developing nuclear warheads

The Iranian opposition group that first exposed Iran’s controversial nuclear-fuel program has given the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog details of what the group says is a working nuclear-warhead-development facility.
The facility at Khojir, a defense-ministry missile-research site on the southeast edge of Tehran, is developing a nuclear warhead for use on Iranian medium-range missiles, […]

Iran Watch – February 1, 2008

[spoiler title=”Sanctions coupled with support for the Iranian people to bring democracy to Iran”]
By David Amess, British MP
January 26, 2008 The Conservative Home
Tensions between Iran and the international community have always been over the three major issues of human rights abuses, the Iranian regime’s widespread support for terrorism, and its nuclear weapons programme. The latter […]

Iran Watch – October 12, 2007

[spoiler title=”Tehran’s Ruling Clerics Scramble for Survival”]

By Alireza Jafarzadeh
Source : FoxNews
As expected, the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad brought a briefcase full of denials to New York last month. When asked about providing training and weapons to militias in Iraq, he said, “Why would we want to do that?” Commenting on Iran’s long-term, clandestine nuclear program, […]