February 22, 2018

Iran Watch – February 9th, 2009

[spoiler title=”Iran: A young man sentenced to a barbaric punishment of having his eyes blinded by Sulfuric acid”]February 5, 2009
NCRI website
NCRI – The Iranian regime’s Supreme Court approved a barbaric sentence of blinding the eyes of a young man by pouring Sulfuric acid in his eyes. Mullahs’ judiciary in Tehran had earlier sentenced the 27-year-old […]

Voice of America Interview –  Persian TV – Protection of Ashraf is not Transferable

Voice of America TV, December 15, 2008 – An event that is going on in Washington D.C. is the sit-in of the families and relatives of the PMOI members who live in Camp Ashraf in Iraq. Some concerns emerged following the Baghdad-Washington security pact and handing over this camp to the Iraqi government. Mr. Nasser […]

NCPDA Statement – May 21, 2004

NCPDA Statement
Contact: 202-487-6989
National Coalition of Pro-democracy Advocates
May 21, 2004
Intensified Repression and Public Executions as Uprising Anniversary Nears
As Iran nears the students uprising anniversary, the government there intensifies its repression to contain and control protests.
The judiciary people have chosen torture and public execution as the only means to deal with protesters. The daily conducts of the […]

NCPDA Statement – March 9, 2004

NCPDA Statement
Contact: 202-487-6989
The National Coalition of Pro-Democracy Advocates
March 9, 2004
Iran continues to be the largest prison for the media reporters.
Reports of arrest and harassment of the press reporters and writers have become a common news in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
ISNA news: Circuit court 26 has sentences Mr. Saeed Madani, a writer for Iran Farda, […]