January 22, 2018

Iran Accuses Five of Warring Against God

January 8, 2010
At least five protesters arrested in Iran last week during antigovernment demonstrations will be tried on charges of warring against God, which carries an automatic death sentence if they are found guilty, Iran’s judiciary said Thursday.
The severity of the charge, coming so soon after the defendants were arrested, suggests that the […]

NCPDA Statement – July 21, 2009

NCPDA Statement
Contact: Nasser Rashidi
Dir. Tel: 202-487-6989
July 21, 2009
As Iran’s Tyrants Fall, We Must Support U.N. Supervised Elections, Tougher Sanctions
More than fifty years after the U.S. supported coup that toppled the elected government of Mohammed Mossadegh, the ongoing protests in Iran have again put America at a historic crossroads. This time, unlike in 1953, the United […]

NCPDA Statement – March 17, 2004

NCPDA Statement
March 17, 2004
Human Rights Activists Sacrificed in Political Deals
While Iran under the religious dictatorship has one of the worst human rights records and is the leading sponsor and supporter of terrorism and fundamentalism, the fate of the political prisoners there are ignored during political deals.
On a daily basis, press reporters are jailed, Iranian youths […]

NCPDA Statement – February 17, 2004

NCPDA supports House Resolution 501
We are a group of distinguished scholars and intellectuals, democracy and human rights activists, and concerned students and individuals united to promote democracy, human rights, and socio-economic justice in Iran.
Parliamentary elections are scheduled to take place in Iran on Friday, February 20th. This exercise, however, is far from being democratic, free […]