December 17, 2017

Iran’s Lessons: Shouldn’t ‘realism’ mandate regime change?

The Washington Post Editorials
EACH DAY Iran’s extremist regime offers the world new lessons in its true nature. Yesterday we heard the cynicism of the Guardian Council, which announced that this month’s presidential election, in the words of its spokesman, “was the cleanest we have ever had.” On Thursday the belligerent arrogance of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad […]

Iran: The Rise of the Revolutionary Guard and State-Sponsorship of Terror

Nasser Rashidi
A few years ago, the world was awakened to the dangers of the mullahs’ nuclear program by an opposition group. Since then,
faced with more recent regional events, international consciousness has come to better appreciate the extent of Iran’s
involvement in terrorist activities abroad, its nuclear ambitions, and its interference in Iraq, Lebanon and Israel-Palestine. It
was […]

NCPDA Statement – February 17, 2004

NCPDA supports House Resolution 501
We are a group of distinguished scholars and intellectuals, democracy and human rights activists, and concerned students and individuals united to promote democracy, human rights, and socio-economic justice in Iran.
Parliamentary elections are scheduled to take place in Iran on Friday, February 20th. This exercise, however, is far from being democratic, free […]