December 17, 2017

NCPDA Statement – November 26, 2007

NCPDA Statement
Contact: Nasser Rashidi
Dir. Tel: 202-487-6989
November 26, 2007
U.N. Third Committee Approves Draft Resolution Expressing Serious Concern About Human Rights Situation in Iran
On October 25, United Nations Third Committee on human rights passed a draft resolution expressing “deep concern” at ongoing human rights violations in Iran. Earlier (on October 18) Amnesty International (AI) had issued a […]

Iran Watch – August 3, 2007

[spoiler title=”Ahmadinejad’s Murder Machine: A Look at Tehran’s Casualty List”]

By: Alireza Jafarzadeh
Source: Fox News
As the U.S. wound up its second meeting with Iran to discuss the security of Iraq, the Iranian regime continued to face its own escalating insecurity. The deterioration of Iran’s economy, increase in civil unrest and sharp deterioration of human rights under […]