February 22, 2018

Iran Accuses Five of Warring Against God

January 8, 2010
At least five protesters arrested in Iran last week during antigovernment demonstrations will be tried on charges of warring against God, which carries an automatic death sentence if they are found guilty, Iran’s judiciary said Thursday.
The severity of the charge, coming so soon after the defendants were arrested, suggests that the […]

The only Iran war is within Iran

The Christian Science Monitor
Posted: December 20, 2007

The world put Iran’s Islamic rulers on notice this week, and not for violating nuclear norms. The 192-member United Nations General Assembly voted its “deep concern” over escalating atrocities in Iran, such as stoning, repression of female dissidents, and persecution of human rights defenders.
The government’s mounting campaign against its […]

The Prospects for Human Rights in Post-Election Iran

Remarks at NCPDA Panel Discussion
Dr. Akbari, Mr. Rashidi, members of the press, and friends:
Salaam wa ’Khoshamadid!
Iran today is a country living a nightmare. Instead of moving forward into the light and extending the goodness and justice to its citizens that they deserve, the theocratic regime of Supreme Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khameni has retreated into darkness, […]