December 16, 2017

NCPDA Statement – May 21, 2007

NCPDA Statement
Contact: Nasser Rashidi
Dir. Tel: 202-487-6989
May 21, 2007
Iran Needs Oppression to Advance its Foreign Policy
As predicted, Iranian president Ahmadinejad’s reign in power has coincided with a sharp increase in the number of Iranians executed, arrested, and or harassed. In recent month, Iranians are witness to almost daily news of public hangings, limb amputations, and alike.
On […]

Remarks by Mr. Mohammad Alafchi at the UN Plaza NYC

Mr. Mohammad Alafchi
President of American Iranian Association- New York
October 13, 2004
UN General Assembly is once again meeting soon to address various issues of concern to the world body. Among these issues would certainly be proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and status of human rights. There are only a handful of countries that both of […]