December 16, 2017

NCPDA Statement – May 10, 2004

NCPDA Statement
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National Coalition of Pro-Democracy Advocates
May 10, 2004

Prison Sentences for University Students

Mohades (a member of the University Disciplinary Committee): A great majority of students’ offenses have been political offenses.

In recent days, a large number of students have been arrested, imprisoned, or interrogated in Tehran, Ghazvin, Karaj, Zanjan, and Yazd.

In Yazd, the judiciary system called for court appearance of 18 students.

In Ghazvin, 40 female students were arrested in one day for mandatory head scarf violations.

In Zanjan, two students named Reza Abbasi and Saeed Naimi were arrested.

On Tuesday, a student, Ahmad Moshkelati, held since June 2003 Tehran University protests, was sentenced to one-year imprisonment.

Ali Farokhi, a student of Ameer Kabeer University, was sentenced to three years imprisonment for his participation in anti-government protests of October 2002.

In Karaj, Abbas Shekouhmand, a student of Tarbiat Moallem University was asked to appear in court.

Three of the alleged participants of the June 2003 protests were put on trial.

In its annual report, the UK Commons House cites mistreatment of political prisoners in Iran.