January 18, 2018

NCPDA Press Release – March 7, 2004

NCPDA Press Release
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National Coalition of Pro-democracy Advocates
March 7, 2004

NCPDA calls teachers’ societies, unions and NGOs in different countries to support Iranian teachers’ strike

On Saturday March 6, 2004 large groups of teachers across the country will stage a strike and not teach classes. The National Coalition of Pro-Democracy Advocates hails Iranian teachers across the country and urged the Iranian people, particularly the students, to rise to defend the teachers.

The Iranian government has always in the past conducted street executions, amputation of limbs, torture, and barbaric forms of punishment to intimidate the public, strikers and demonstrators. Some 4,000 students arrested in June last year for demonstrating in Tehran and demanding for a referendum for regime change remain incarcerated.

We urge the United Nations Human Rights Commission to take up the plight of Iranian teachers, which is a clear case of human rights abuses.