January 17, 2018

NCPDA Press Release – April 24, 2004

NCPDA Press Release
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National Coalition of Pro-democracy Advocates
April 24, 2004

The European lead appeasement of ruling dictatorship let Iran off the hook

Regretfully, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights in its annual session in Geneva has failed to fulfill her fundamental function of protection of basic human rights of people of Iran and condemn the most flagrant state violator of human rights.

The European lead appeasement of ruling dictatorship let them off the hook. UN Special Rapporteur on
freedom of opinion and expression Ambeyi Ligabo recently reported to high commissioner “climate of fear induced by the systematic repression of people expressing critical views against the authorized political and religious doctrine and the functioning of institutions,” The US State Department in 2003 annual human rights reported “The [Iran] Government’s poor human rights record worsened, and it continued to commit numerous, serious abuses…

Continuing serious abuses included: summary executions; disappearances; torture and other degrading
treatment, reportedly including severe punishments such as beheading and flogging; poor prison
conditions; arbitrary arrest and detention….”

Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) has strongly criticized the commission and said: “I am extremely disappointed in the lack of action by the United Nations,” Brownback said. “Despite clear evidence of serious violations, the U.N. failed to pass resolutions” that would have called Iran to account for its egregious behavior on human rights issues, he added.

Even European union itself recently has criticized and expressed concern about sever human rights violations in Iran and deteriorating and worsening of the human rights record of mullahs regime. The national coalition of pro- democracy advocates expresses its regret and repentant for the known recent appeasement with religious dictatorship of Iran and is disappointment about the sacrifice of human rights of people of Iran. We are sad that the high commissioner failed to listen to the very cry of oppressed Iranian people under in human regime of mullahs.