January 17, 2018

NCPDA Press Release – 03/30/04

Ahmad Batebi, the famous Iranian student political prisoner, is in poor condition

According to the media reports, Mr. Mohammad Bagher Batebi whose son is one of the imprisoned students, has stated that his son’s deteriorating conditions is worsening and he is severely depressed. Mr. Batebi has asked prison officials to allow him to take his son for treatment outside prison but his request has been denied. Humiliating prisoners’ family members is common in Iran and is one of the tools used by the revolutionary guards for forced confessions of the prisoners. The mullahs’ regime employs over 400 torture techniques in its medieval prisons against the political prisoners. This regime has been condemned at least 50 times by various UN bodies for its continued gross human rights violations. During Khatami’s tenure, human rights violations, including stoning-to-death and public flogging have continued unabated. Mrs. Zahra Kazemi, an Iranian-Canadian freelance reporter, was arrested in Iran last year and tortured to death, solely for taking pictures of the prisoner families who had gathered at the gates of the notorious Evin prison. Khatami’s Interior Minister never seriously investigated this crime.

The NCPDA is asking all members of the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva to condemn human rights violations in Iran and to designate a special representative to closely monitor the situation there.

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