January 17, 2018

NCPDA Press Release – 04/20/05

April 20, 2005

A plea to dispatch the investigative branch of the United Nations to stop the massacre of our countryman in Khuzestan. News accounts from in and around the city of Ahwas describe continued widespread confrontation of Arab-Iranians with the oppressive forces of the regime, especially in the region of Koot Abdolah. Khuzestan’s brave men and women, especially the Arab-Iranian citizens of this city have refused to give in to the mullah’s plans and have continued their struggle, for the sixth consceutive day.

The NCPDA once again urge the secretary general of the United Nations as well as the human rights commission of this international body to intervene and help end the massacre and oppression of the people of Khuzestan, especially, the Arab-Iranians in Ahwaz. The world body is further called upon to dispatch a team to the region to visit those imprisoned, help shelter the families of those who have lost loved ones, and to protect the injured. The demonstration have continued for the sixth consecutive day despite suppression by members of the anti-riot policy, the revolutionary guards, the intelligence agency, and other armed forces. These government agents have undertaken widespread and arbitrary arrest of young citizens in the region. Specifically, from the outset, the infamously brutal agents of the intelligence ministry in Ahwaz and the region began arresting and detaining all previously released political prisoners. Reports indicated that presently, all five prisons in Ahwaz are filled to capacity. Additionally, many of those arrested are facing torture and interrogation in secret, un-official or underground bases. The intelligence agents and the revolutionary guards are also utilizing a number of Masjeds, including Masjed Bala (in the Sepidar neighborhood of Ahwaz) as temporary detention camps. The educational institutions, as well as shops have been closed, while young man responded to the brutality by attacking the government symbols, military machinery and intelligence infrastructure. The defense minister of the mullahs, Shamghny, known to locals as the mastermind of the 1358 suppression (of a popular uprising in Khozestan) and his bodyguards attempted to enter the area of conflict but faced stones from the angry crowds and thus fled. The reports further indicate that the uprising is apparently spreading to other cities, including Shoshtar, Abadan, and Ghoramshahr. To date, fierce fighting between the villagers and the oppressive forces has resulted in hundreds of causalities among the people, both killed and injured. We, again ask all the human rights organizations and the United Nations to urgently dispatch delegations to the region so as to monitor the events and to stop the killing and torture of Iranians in various cities in Khuzestan.

The National Coalition of Pro-Democracy Advocates, within its capacity, along with the human rights organizations,
and those who want a democratic, secular republic in Iran, urge the international regulatory bodies to take action so
as to stop the persecution of the growing voices of dissent. We further ask that they voice their support for our
countrymen who are bravely fighting injustice and persecution.

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