December 16, 2017

Mullahs Enrich Fundamentalism – An Interview with Mr. Nasser Rashidi

An Interview with Mr. Nasser Rashidi
Executive Director, NCPDA
April 30, 2006

Our colleague Mr. Abraham Beparva had an interview with Mr. Nasser Rashidi, the speaker for National Coalition of Pro-Democracy Advocates in Iran. He is familiar with threats of Islamic Fundamentalism and will elaborate on the topic. In this segment of our program we would like to invite you to hear what he has to say.

Abraham Beparva: Mr. Rashidi, in your last week’s interview with the United Press International you were emphasizing and accentuating the threats of Islamic Republic of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons. In addition you pointed out that the Islamic Fundamentalism ideology is a bigger threat for the world than the Nuclear Weapons in the hands of Islamic Republic of Iran . Why is that? Could you please clarify?

Nasser Rashidi: one of the main points I made in the interview with the United Press International was that the threat of the Iranian regime spreading Islamic Fundamentalism is a very serious matter.

Their ideology is a hundred times more destructive than nuclear weapons because it is a way of thinking; it is a school of thought and a philosophy. This school of thought is more destructive than atomic bomb in the hands of the regime.

The second point is the ambition of the ruling Mullahs of Iran to obtain nuclear weapon and at the same time influence the public opinion that atomic technology is in the best interest of the Iranian nation.

This is the very act of deceitfulness from the ruling mullahs in Iran who want the atomic capability , not only to preserve and protect their power but also to suppress the Iranian population. This has nothing to do with the people of Iran and their National interest.

Abraham Beparva: why do you think that the atomic capability of Iran has nothing to do with the Iranian National Interest?

Nasser Rashidi: because I genuinely believe atomic issue is irrelevant to the national interest of the Iranians. There are two reasons that the regime is after nuclear weapons:

First is that on the international scene it could take other countries hostage saying that I have the nuclear bomb, I am in charge. Therefore I will continue with the internal suppression, stoning to death, hanging, arresting the students, repression of the workers and violence against women. I am the ruling authority in Iran…The regime’s survival is dependent on increasingly suppressing dissent. They only desire to stay in power at any cost.

Abraham Biparva: So you think the people of Iran do not want a nuclear program? Nasser Rashidi: I should clarify that the desire to learn and have the know-how and technology has nothing to do with
this regime. The only thing this regime wants is a tool to help with more suppression and to hold on to power. Therefore all the scientists who are assisting the regime in acquiring the atomic bomb are also guilty of the repression of the Iranian people. Is it reasonable to talk about Hitler’s scientists as nationalists? Never!