February 25, 2018

Iranian People Denounce the Mullahs

Iran’s State Security Forces (SSF) are carrying out a nationwide crackdown primarily targeting workers, youths, and women*

Encouraged by the world’s tough stance against the Iranian regime and aided by Iran’s main opposition forces, the pace of demonstrations, peaceful sit-ins, and other forms of dissent against the illegitimate regime in Iran has noticeably increased over the past few months. Similarly, he government-ordered clampdown has worsened, often taking place under the guise of combating “trouble-makers” and “mal-veilers”. The *video clip below which aired on Simaye Azadi (an opposition TV station), was captured by people of the streets using mobile phones and smuggled out of Iran. The TV station said it obtained the video from supporters of the People’s Mojahedin (MeK).

The nationwide clampdown began in April. Some images of the crackdown have been aired daily on state television in what numerous Iran analysts believe is to spread fear in society.

*some parts of the video below may be too graphic for viewing by minors