February 22, 2018

NCPDA Statement – May 21, 2004

NCPDA Statement
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National Coalition of Pro-democracy Advocates
May 21, 2004

Intensified Repression and Public Executions as Uprising Anniversary Nears

As Iran nears the students uprising anniversary, the government there intensifies its repression to contain and control protests.

The judiciary people have chosen torture and public execution as the only means to deal with protesters. The daily conducts of the Revolutionary Guards reveal the “no torture” fares was issued by the Judiciary Head, Ayatollah Shahroudi, for external consumption purposes only.

NCPDA condemns the recent atrocities and public executions and floggings in Iran and calls on international human rights organizations to intervene. The following is a few examples:

Jomhouri Daily, May 6, 2004: Ahwaz. According to the statement released by the Khouzestan Province Justices, Abolghasem G.’ execution was carried out.

Khorasan Daily, May 6, 2004: Leyla M., 19, despite her young age and lowered sentences, was executed.

NCPDA News, May 4, 2004: A man was publicly executed on Naderi Bridge at 8:00 AM. People on the scene accused the government of executing people for reasons that was itself responsible for.

Iran Daily, May 5, 2004: A 43 year old man who was sentences to life imprisonment and monetary payment was executed in Rajaie prison in Karaj.

Jomhouri Daily, May 5, 2004: Shoushtar. A man named Alireza G was sentenced to 10 years and 74 public flogging. His flogging sentence was carried out in Shahid Beheshti town.

Jomhouri Daily, May 3, 2004: Hassan Peerdadeh Peeranvand was arrested and executed in Asad Abad Square in presence of his family members and judiciary and state government officials.