January 22, 2018

NCPDA Statement – June 19, 2009

NCPDA Statement
Contact: Nasser Rashidi
Dir. Tel: 202-487-6989
June 19, 2009

In Solidarity with the Iranian People & their Rejection of the Clerical Regime

In solidarity with the Iranian people, the National Coalition of Pro-Democracy Advocates (NCPDA) denounces the sham Iranian “presidential election” and regime’s violent response in its aftermath. The disturbing pictures of post June 12, 2009 election in Iran vividly illustrate the intensity of people’s anger at the clerical regime in its entirety.

The uprising by Iranians is the culmination of widespread rejection of the Iranian government and the clerical rule. The uprising has little to do with any particular candidate, as all candidates have pledged loyalty to the supreme leader. We call on Iranian-Americans and the international community to take note that as of June 13, 2009, the Iranian political landscape has forever changed.

Re-appointment of Ahmadinejad foretells of more suppression and widespread internal purge, but is also an indicator that Iran will redouble its effort to acquire nuclear weapons. Ahmadinejad and Khamenei now lead a fully militarized and uni-polarized regime.

This election served as an opening for the people to vent their anger against the religious dictators ruling over them. Slogans of “Death to the dictator” and “Iranians do not accept disgrace” illustrate the depth of people’s discontent. Even regime’s officials admit that the protests have little to do with any of the candidates. Specifically, in a June 13, 2009 press conference, Iran’s interior minister noted that, “The people should know that those who instigate these protests are not supporting any of the candidates. They are trying to benefit their own grouplets” (a direct reference to the organised opposition).

The protests have not been limited to Tehran. Shiraz, Isfahan, Babol, Mashhad, and other cities have also been in turmoil. The real human tool is yet to be revealed and is sure to rise as the supreme leader Ali Khamenei today (June 19, 2009) sanctioned full suppression of all future protests.

In light of the resounding rejection of the regime by the Iranian people, nothing can justify continued appeasement of this medieval regime. The NCPDA fully supports congressional efforts to bolster sanctions against the Iranian regime. We also support congress’s efforts to express solidarity with the Iranian people. We urge the United States government to strongly condemn mullahs’ suppressive measures and call on President Barrack Obama to adopt a firm policy towards Iran.

In solidarity with the Iranian people, thousands of Iranian expatriates will gather in Paris, France on Saturday, June 20, 2009. The United States must seize this historic opportunity to align itself with the Iranian people and their organized resistance against the religious tyrants in Tehran.