January 19, 2018

Howard Dean on US Policy on Iran: “I think we have it backwards”

Former VT Governor and DNC Chairman, Howard Dean

Former VT Governor and DNC Chairman, Howard Dean

Former Vermont Governor  & DNC Chairman Howard Dean has branded Iran under mullahs rule as a ‘terrorist state’ whose ideology is not religious but entirely political.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Mr. Dean noted that US policy on Iran needed an overhaul and that the US had cut off Iranian dissidents while giving billions of dollars to the regime for the privilege of holding & extending the talks about its nuclear program.

He said of US policy in the region: “I think we have it backwards.” Mr Dean added that the US had left some 2,800 Iranian dissidents at Camp Liberty in insecure setting within Iraq after promising them safety & resettlement outside that country.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, he added, was a “puppet of the mullahs” and the real threat to Iraq.  “ISIS is a bad problem caused by Maliki,” Mr. Dean said, suggesting that, “Iraq is finished as a country and the country will be divided up by religious sects with Iran controlling the Shia section and that there is nothing that the US can do about it.”

Interview with Howard Dean, Bloomberg