January 17, 2018

Changed Circumstances – (PMOI, 2001 to present)

  • At an Extraordinary Congress held in June 2001, the PMOI took the unilateral decision to end the organisation’s military activities inside Iran. The decision was ratified by two Ordinary Congresses in early September 2001 and 2003. Although all Congresses were minuted, only the minutes of the 2003 Congress survived.
  • The PMOI’s operational units in Iran were dissolved.
  • The PMOI played no part in the 2003 war in Iraq, prior to which it had disclosed the coordinates of all its bases to the UN, UK and the US.
  • The constant threat from the Iranian regime was realised in April 2003 when many PMOI personnel were killed in attacks from Iranian forces who had penetrated Iraq.
  • On 15th April 2003, the Coalition forces signed an agreement of “mutual understanding and coordination” with the PMOI. The agreement recognised the PMOI’s right to defend itself against attacks by the Iranian regime or its proxies.
  • On 10th May 2003, the PMOI agreed voluntarily to “disarm and consolidate” in return for the Coalition agreeing to provide security to PMOI personnel.
  • In the first part of 2004, all PMOI personnel in Ashraf City, including the entire Leadership Council, signed a statement rejecting terrorism and violence. This statement was published in a special edition of the PMOI’s “Mojahed” publication and in an NCRI press release, both published in July 2004.
  • In July 2004, following a 16-month investigation into the PMOI, all of its members and their activities, the US confirmed the investigation “had not come up with any basis to bring charges against any members of the group”.
  • On 2nd July 2004, PMOI personnel were recognised as ‘protected persons’ under the Fourth Geneva Convention, a status that cannot be conferred on terrorists.
  • Beginning in 2004, US commanders in Iraq have on many occasions reiterated the rights of the PMOI members in Iraq to engage in profit-making activities, to have bank account and enjoy all other rights under the Fourth Geneva Convention.