January 20, 2018

Bipartisan House Members and Expert Panel Dissect Iran Nuclear Deal, Explore Options

July 24, 2015
Bipartisan members of the United States Congress joined a distinguished panel of experts to evaluate U.S. nuclear deal with Iran andexplore policy options going forward.  Ambassador Lincoln Bloomfield moderated discussions of a distinguished panel of experts which included Ambassador James B Smith (U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia from 2009-2013), Ambassador Joseph DeTrani (Former Director of National Counter Proliferation Center), Fortune Magazine columnist, Mrs. Nina Easton, and Dr. Michael Makovsky (CEO, JINSA).


Congressmen Ted Poe (R-TX), Brad Sherman (D-CA), Randy Weber (R-TX), and Mike Coffman (R-CO) also addressed the audience.  Congressman Poe highlighted Iran’s rights violations and noted that democratic regime change is the best policy option to address the Iranian threat.  Mr. Sherman also rejected the nuclear accord and announced plan to introduce legislation to hold Iran accountable for terrorism and human rights record.  Deal or no deal, Mr. Rep. Sherman added, “sanctions are not going away.”  Iranian Resistance leader, Mrs. Madam Rajavi also spoke to event participants via live video link.

The famed Iranian Olympian, Mr. Eskandar Filabi (lower left) joins GW University political science students for a photo at the OIACUS sponsored briefing, July 24, 1015